My Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Thank God almighty masses are restarting as of Monday June 15th! Weekday masses will be as normally scheduled at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday masses like wise will follow the normal schedule of Saturday, 5 p.m., Sunday at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 12 noon.
There are important guidelines that must be followed by all who attend. Face coverings must be worn at all times while in the church except for briefly in order to received communion (procedure for receiving will be given at the start of each mass), there will be no shaking of the hands at the sign of peace but rather just a bow of the head. There will be no procession, recession or gift presentation. Please do not be offended but the priests will also not be in the back of the church to welcome you or say goodbye before and after mass – priest will remain in the sanctuary other than to give out communion. There will be no taking up of the collection, rather baskets will be near the doors for you to deposit your offering on the way out of church after masses has concluded.
When you enter the church, you will note that there are some pews with bows on them – please sit in those pews only – every other pew must remain empty. Please allow space between you and other families – I ask that people who are together sit as close together as you can to allow others to share your pew with space – social distancing – between those that are not together.
Due to the limit (which the diocese will set but has not as of this writing) you may have to attend a mass at a different time then your preference. We will be taking reservations for masses – you must call the office during the week when the office is open (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and speak to a staff member to make a reservation – if the mass you want to attend is at its max you will be asked to attend a different mass. Please do not leave a voice mail or send an email or text for that will NOT reserve a space for you – you MUST speak to a staff member in order to make a reservation. If you reach voice mail please call back later. Do NOT call outside of business hours to make a reservation and do not call the emergency number for a reservation.
I know this is a bit complicated and inconvenient but at least we will be able to celebrate together and receive our Lord in the Eucharist and remember this too shall pass and things will return to “normal” in time so be patient.
Thank you for your cooperation and God Bless you, Fr. Michael.
We miss you and welcome back. Please call Ms. Susan Chinchar at (201) 440-2798 to reserve your preferred Sunday Mass Time if available. We are looking forward to seeing you here in our church.

Our regular mass times are back but the 5:00 o’clock pm anticipated mass will continue to be live streamed until further notice

Confession with Father Michael is available through appointment only. Please contact the Rectory at (201) 440-2798

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