We have been notified by Cardinal Tobin that “conscious of the cautions and restrictions resulting from the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to transfer the celebration of the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord from Thursday, May 13th to Sunday, May 16th”. This means Thursday, May 13th will NOT be a Holy Day of Obligation this year and there will just be the regular 8:30 am mass that day.
Confession with Father Michael is available through appointment only. Please contact the Rectory at (201) 440-2798

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6th Sunday of Easter
“Remain in my love,” and, “I call you friends,” are powerful words that are found in John’s Gospel. Most of us probably have them committed to memory or have at least heard them proclaimed dozens of times. They are words that can easily become trite and quickly glossed over without fully pondering and digesting their profound beauty. When we take the time to immerse ourselves in them, they can radically change our lives and our relationships. They can open up new doors of adventure and hold countless possibilities for meaning. The essence of love and friendship are things that can easily be taken for granted. They have always been there and are a significant part of our lives. Many would say that they could not live without love and friendship, and they put a great deal of care into preserving, deepening and sustaining them. Love and friendship share a mutual relationship with each other that deserves more reflection. Where does love come from? We can consider relationships that have not succeeded and conclude that they were somehow due to our “failures in love.” In doing so, we assume that human beings are the ones responsible for love, its success and also its failure. While our weakness, emotional composition and sinfulness can easily impact our ability to love, its origin is not human. God is love. God is love’s author and origin. When we love, it is God who loves in and through us. It is because of this divine closeness that Jesus is able to call us friends! It is not because of anything we have done but simply because of who we are. Realizing and contemplating this awesome reality becomes a game changer across the board. It gives us reason to clear the table of anything that can adversely affect the way we love so that we can open the door for its author to shine forth. Coming upon this truth is what leads folks like St. Francis of Assisi to leave that which is comfortable and worldly and live a radical life. They relate with the love of God that radiates in and through all living things and appreciate their sacredness. It was having an intimate experience of God’s love and friendship that propelled St. Francis and others to embrace simplicity, act nonviolently, pursue humility, love enemies, care for the earth and open up avenues for true justice. Understanding this profound truth will also help us find peaceful solutions to world’s problems, restore relationships with our sisters and brothers, bring the grace of loving stewardship to creation and heal many wounds. Once we begin to see how wonderfully holy all of life really is, we discover joy. We lose our need for fear, develop a fierce fortitude, act prudently and seek justice. There is great power in love because it comes from God. It will never fail. It also enjoys the company of two other friends who are eager to become our friends as well: faith and hope. These are just as important to have and to share.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of a mother is as follows:
  1. a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.
  2. give birth to.
The above definition is accurate but does not really cover what it means to be a mother for many are mothers without ever giving birth. To truly be a mother, in my opinion, means you must be loving, caring, nurturing, guiding, educating with the best interest of the other in your heart. I have been blessed in my life not with just a mother who gave me birth and filled the above outlined role but I also was blessed with teachers, friends, co-workers, aunts who also acted like mothers toward me in my life time. They looked out for my best interest even when I failed to do so myself. They worked with my mother and filled in for my mother when she could not be there. For example, when I was away in N.H. attending Franklin Pierce University – with my mother over 300 miles away – I had others that gave me the advice she would give and gave me the guidance she would give to keep me on the correct path. Let us remember on this Mother’s Day to thank God and thank all those who have loved us and treated us as if they were our mothers which would include our Blessed Mother in heaven. I wish all of you who are mothers or fill the role of mother a very happy and grace filled Mother’s Day.
God Bless you and have a wonderful week, Fr. Michael

2021 Archdiocese Annual Appeal
The 2021 Annual Appeal is well underway. We have $10,474 pledged towards our parish goal of $13,435. We THANK everyone who has pledged especially those who have responded to Fr. Michael’s recent appeal. We are getting closer to our goal. Please pray on it and if you are able there is still time to make a pledge. Please take a pledge envelope or visit www.rcan.org/sharing and be as generous as possible. Thank you for your prayers and support.




That God will relieve their suffering and restore them to health. Please pray for:
Kellie Salata, Kelly Chinchar, Jessica, Carol Mangino, Gloria, Daniel Breslin, Stanley, Helen Traina, Joseph Marrone, Bill Marshall, Anthony, Michael, Joseph, Jessica Esopo, Nancy McShera, Theresa McPeak, Walter Eckel, William, Steve, Audra, Philip, Frank Bennick, Larry Purcell, Bernadette, Francis Reilly, James Weiss, Chrissy Martin, Anne Trainor, Don Trainor, Rosemary Malangone, Elizabeth Malangone, Maricel Dino, Baby Ford, Carly West, Marie Goodman, Patrice Duffy.


“This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”
Do you love Jesus? Do you consider Him your friend? Jesus says that if we love Him we would be willing to offer whatever we have to Him, not because we want praise and glory, but simply because we love Him. Does your giving seem mechanical out of obligation or do you share freely out of love?

Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Sunga and other members who decorate our altars with beautiful flowers.
Altar gifts are a beautiful way to honor your loved ones while also helping our parish. There are some two week blocks still available in 2021. Please contact the rectory if you are interested.

Prayer for A Pandemic

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