3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 23, 2017
“He called them, and immediately they left their boat and their father and followed Him.”  Peter, Andrew, James, and John’s lives would never be the same.  They were going about their usual business–fishing on the Sea of Galilee–when Jesus approached them and said, “Come after me.”  And that’s just what they did.  “At once they left their nets and followed Him.”  Such a quick response to such a radical request!  What compelled these men to leave their livelihood to follow the Lord?  His promise to them was that He would make them “fishers of men.”  Perhaps they thought that promise sounded fabulous.  But it seems more likely that it was Christ Himself who drew the men.  There must have been something utterly attractive about Him, and completely trustworthy.  Otherwise, it seems unbelievable that these men would have been so quick to respond to His call.  This compelling man is the same Christ who calls us.  We hear His voice in a different way, of course, through the Church and through the Bible, through His Spirit in our hearts, but it is nonetheless the same Jesus of Nazareth who asks us to follow Him.  Have we allowed ourselves to be drawn by His voice?  Are we open to a real encounter with the Lord who changes lives?  If our relationship with Jesus does not transform us, if it does not change us into different, better people moment by moment and day by day, then chances are that we are not truly encountering Him.  He is too powerful to be inconsequential.  It might take some courage and commitment to come into authentic contact with the Lord, but when we do, our lives will never be the same.


My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this past week when I visited my parents I took down the Christmas decorations for them.  Thank God I was blessed with 60 degree temperatures while taking down the lights from the roof.  As I took the decorations down and packed them away, I came across many that date back to when I was a child which had me thinking back to those days.  I remember, like all children, being on my best behavior for a good couple of months leading up to Christmas morning for I knew Santa was watching and I did not want to get coal in my stocking on Christmas morning.  I also remember thinking the pressure was off the day after Christmas for apparently Santa only watches us from October to December and not all year.  The mind of a child.  Well what about us now?  We have the Christmas spirit from around Thanksgiving to Christmas but what happens after Christmas?  Does the spirit of goodwill and charity get packed away with the decorations until next year?  Unlike Santa, God IS watching us all year long!  Let us remember to keep the Christmas spirit, which is the spirit of love, alive in our hearts not just for a few months but rather every day of our lives.
God Bless you and have a wonderful week,
Fr. Michael

Sometimes we get so accustomed to walking in shadows and even in darkness that we forget that there is a light that can illuminate our lives more clearly. That light is Jesus Christ. Have you ever been looking for something in a dimly lit room and when someone shines a light, you suddenly find what you seek? This is how the Gospel works. At first we may not realize that we need it but then when someone shares its good news with us it all becomes clear. Jesus invites us out of darkness and calls us to come after him.
Just as Jesus called the first apostles, He calls each of us to follow Him, too.  Not everyone is called to leave their business or family behind, but we are expected to put God first in everything.  Everything from our time in daily prayer, our talent in participating in one of our parish ministries and our treasure to support the financial needs of our parish mission.

 thank-youThe gift of Bread & Wine for the month of January has been given in memory of Catherine Napotina by her daughter Velona Napotina.
The gift of Altar Flowers for the month of January has been given in memory of Catherine Napotina by her daughter Velona Napotina.

2017 REPEAT MASSES Offerings for all Masses requested for 2017 should have been sent to the rectory by now. If you do not want your masses repeated, please contact the rectory.


Please pray for: Frances Trause, Kelly Chinchar, Kellie & Kathy Salata, Jessica, Juliana, Helen, Anthony, Carol Mangino, Jessica Calabrese, Lori, Jacqueline Carty, Gloria, Michael, Daniel Breslin, Richard McShera, Susan Brooks, John Moloughney Jr., Stanley, Marie, Joseph Marrone, Bill Marshall, Blase Coppola, Justin Duffy, Pete LaBarbiera and Maricel Dino.

Everyone is welcome!! It’s a new way of evangelization with a greater positive vision of Jesus.  The emphasis is on love’s transforming power rather than fear of punishment.  Our mission is to implant the living God in people’s hearts.  Wednesdays beginning Jan. 25th for 15 weeks in the Church basement from 7-9 pm.  For more information, call Elsa Marin at 201-414-3345.



Recycle Old Ink and Toner Cartridges Have old ink and toner cartridges? You can dispose of them by dropping them in the Recycling Box located in the back of church by the religious book racks. We will recycle them and the proceeds will be used for our parish.