16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Burnout. Recent studies suggest that roughly two-thirds of doctors and nurses have signs of it. You probably know what burnout is: long-term stress leading to emotional exhaustion and a lack of a sense of personal accomplishment. Burnout can threaten anyone who tries to seriously serve and love others. How does our faith inform this challenging experience, and how do we find refreshment? The apostles face something like burnout this week in Mark 6. They are run down from their missionary work, and Jesus says, “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while.” For them, and for us, it takes humility to intentionally rest. It means the world can go on without us. It stings our pride to admit God is necessary and we are not. Choosing to leave our good work to be with Him — whatever the cost — is an act of humble faith. And that trust in God begins to revive us. But there’s more to it. Hilariously, Mark tells us that throngs of needy people find out where the apostles are going and arrive ahead of them. Imagine the exasperation of the burnt-out apostles. “Can we please get a minute to ourselves? This is not healthy!” And Jesus seems to encourage the boundary violation by telling His frayed followers to feed the crowd. Look: once we move into humble rest, He calls us to more work, because we are made for love, not for rest. But Jesus does the vast bulk of the labor. He himself is the one who multiplies the small offering until everyone is satisfied. What finally gives our heart rest isn’t more vacation time. It’s experiencing the super abundant generosity of God for us and those whom we serve. – Father John Muir
Father John Muir

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I have somewhat of a reputation for having a heavy foot while driving. One week on my way down to my mom’s house, I was pulled over by a police officer in Old Bridge Township. He was a very nice officer with a good sense of humor. After, a little discussion which started with him stating – “Father, why are you speeding on my highway?” and ended with him saying God Bless me for being a priest and have a wonderful day – no ticket. Fast forward a week later and I am on my way home from my mom’s and once again I am pulled over in Old Bridge Township and it turns out to be the same officer and the conversation started with “Father you have not changed!” and ended the same way with the same results. I told you he was a nice officer. I share this story with you, not to inform you that I tend to go a little faster and just for the record I was going slower the second time, matter of fact I was just doing what everyone else around me was doing but of course that was faster than the speed limit. However, it had me thinking that how often is it like this with us and God? How often do we go to confession but then go right back to committing the same sins? Have we not learned our lesson? Are we using the same excuse that I just stated and that everyone else is doing it? How often do we rely on God letting us off like the officer let me off? My brothers and sisters, I promised myself that I will not be having a third conversation with this officer, and I will amend my ways. Let us all do the same when it comes to God, let us recognize what we are doing wrong and amend our ways.
God Bless you all,
Fr. Michael

“He said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.” – MARK 6:31
Do you spend time, every day, alone and in silence listening to how God is calling you? If not, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to develop a more personal relationship with Him. Unless we talk and more importantly, listen to God every day, how else will we know how He is calling us? Consider making a retreat this year, spend some “alone” time with God.

Everyday Stewardship
My daughter can easily become overwhelmed by having so much to do. She recently graduated from high school, and many times during those four years, she found herself going crazy from being involved in so many things. Sports, drama, youth group, homework, friends, and more all demanded a slice of her attention. Sometimes the slice of time that remained wasn’t much and one does have to sleep! A good everyday steward can get caught up in doing so much and giving so much that he or she loses sight of the fact that you cannot give what you do not have. If you have no time left, you cannot give that. If you have no energy left, you cannot give that. Finally, if you find yourself agitated and overwhelmed, you cannot give that which others benefit from the most: YOU! Even when we plant seeds in a garden after tilling and watering the soil, we must rest and wait for there to be growth. If we do not take time to rest and recharge, we are not allowing time for God’s grace to bring forth new life in us. We fear that things will suffer without us, but the truth is that no one is benefiting from our fatigue. We can think we are giving but really we are empty. Take some time and rest in your God. Retreat and recharge. Then you will be able to share once again.
-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

That God will relieve their suffering and restore them to health. Please pray for Please pray for: Kellie Salata, Kelly Chinchar, Jessica, Daniel Breslin, Stanley, Helen Traina, Joseph Marrone, Bill Marshall, Anthony, Michael, Joseph, Jessica Esopo, William, Steve, Audra, Bernadette, James Weiss, Baby Ford, Rosemary Malangone, Elizabeth Malangone, Sue West, Danny, Colleen Emery, Richard, Joan Russo, Christina Martin, Mornia Evans, Valerie Valverde, Diana McGuckin, Pat Peterson, Jim Wylie, Manny Scarangella.

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Prayer for our Nation
God our Father, giver of life, we entrust the United States of America to your loving care. You are the rock on which this nation was founded. You alone are the true source of our cherished rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Reclaim this land for your glory and dwell among your people. Send your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation’s leaders. Open their minds to the great worth of human life and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom. Remind your people that true happiness is rooted in seeking and doing your will. Through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, patroness of our land, grant us the courage to reject the “culture of death.” Lead us into a new millennium of life. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Praying the ROSARY

The Rosary is a meditation, a time to recall and think about the life of Jesus as seen and experienced by Mary. As the model of faith, Mary’s life sets a pattern that we strive to follow: saying ‘yes’ to God’s will in our lives and sharing His love and message with others. The Mysteries of the Rosary form a mini lesson of faith, using the highlights and significant moments of the life of Jesus. Like paging through a family scrapbook, we see in brief the events of salvation history that are the core of our belief and the hope of our eternal life.


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