25th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME –  Sept. 22,  2019
Compartmentalization or consistency? In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus tells a strange story of a sneaky, savvy steward that raises questions about our personal virtue. “How much do you owe? Here is your promissory note, write one for eighty.” This parable isn’t advice for money management. Historically, there were many positions that acted on behalf of their masters regarding money, like customs agents, household stewards, and tax collectors. Often these workers over-charged and skimmed off the top. Usurious practices like this were not in line with the traditional Jewish understanding of money lending, which strictly forbade them from to taking interest or making a profit off of their own people. As the steward reduced the debt, he was likely writing out the amount he originally intended to take for himself. Before the steward can be commended, he needs to right the wrong done. “The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones; and the person who is dishonest in very small matters is also dishonest in great ones.” This parable contains an important self-check. We have a great many things we’re responsible for that seem to have nothing to do with the kingdom of God. How do we interact in those spaces? Are we trustworthy in our dealings at work and at home? Are we honest and faithful to our commitments to family and friends? Are we honest with our money and prudent with how we spend our time? Jesus calls His disciples to consistency. How often do we expect that we can be one person one place, yet shrug off that persona in a new situation? “No servant can serve two masters.” This week, take stock of your life. All of your life. Are you living the Gospel values wherever you go?

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 
I have celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism hundreds of times over the years since I became a priest and there is something that has come to my attention. It is the fact that it seems few people know what the role of godparent is in the child’s life. Some people seem to think that it is to raise the child if – God forbid – the parents die. Now maybe the person you pick as a godparent is also the person you want to raise your child if you should die, but that would be up to you to state in your will and is not the purpose/role of the godparents. Many see it as an honor for the people they ask to be the godparents, and hopefully they feel that way, but again that would not be the reason to pick who you ask to fill this role. The reason I realized that people were not picking the godparents for the right reasons is because often the people they pick do not practice the faith or they are not even Catholic! The role of the godparent is to help educate the baptized child in the faith – our shared faith – our Catholic faith. They are called to do this not just in word but in practice. This is the reason the Church rightfully does not allow people to serve as godparents who are of other faiths or those who have not received all the sacraments. It is also why a letter is required from the church of the godparent stating that they are practicing the Catholic faith; for how can they set the example for the child if they do not follow the faith themselves. Always remember that the role of the godparents can be many things for the child being baptized, but above all they are to serve as a good example of what it means to be a practicing Catholic.
God Bless you and have a wonderful week, Fr. Michael


“No servant can serve two masters. He will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (wealth).” (Luke 16:13)
Is money a “god” that you put before God? Giving money to support the Church and other charity is a pillar of our faith, just like attending Mass every Sunday and participating in parish ministry. Giving money frees us from being a slave to money. It increases our dependence on God and our trust that God will provide all that we need.

That God will relieve their suffering and restore them to health. Please pray for: Kellie Salata, Kelly Chinchar, Jessica, Carol Mangino, Gloria, Daniel Breslin, Stanley, Bonnie, Helen Traina, Joseph Marrone, Bill Marshall, Anthony, Michael, Joseph, Christine Morrison, Jessica Esopo, Jack McShera, Theresa McPeak, Walter Eckel, Steve, Pat, Audra, Dan Marshall, Frank Bennick, Larry Purcell.

The gift of Altar Flowers for the month of September has been given in memory of Andrew Napotina, Jr. by Velona Napotina.
The Sanctuary Lamp for the month of September has been given in memory of Cecelia Jashembowski by Linda J. Sylvestri.
We would like to thank the Knights of Columbus Council #747 for their recent very generous donation to be used for Church Maintenance, which is very timely since we have some repairs that need to be done. We sincerely appreciate their commitment to helping our parish.
The Women’s Circle wishes to thank all of our generous parishioners who donated school supplies for children in the inner cities. This is just another evidence of the generosity of our parishioners. Thank you very much.

eGiving through Parish Giving!
Thanks so much to those parishioners who have signed up for “Enhanced Stewardship through Electronic Funds Transfer” for their financial donations. You schedule your offerings it can be weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever is best for your financial situation. There are no more envelopes to remember or last-minute check writing! Electronic giving is safe and easy for you and gives our parish steady financial assistance. If you wish to enroll just visit www.icchackensack.com and click on the Parish Giving logo. There are brochures in the back of church or visit Parish Giving at www.parishgiving.org.

Sharing God’s Blessings Annual Appeal
Did you know there is still time to support the 2019 appeal? This year our parish goal is $12,179. Our pledges to date are $5,460. Thank you for any help you can provide. There are pledge envelopes in the back of church. If you choose to donate online, please visit www.rcan.org/sharing.

Opportunities for Parish Support
There are several ways you can help support our parish and honor loved ones at the same time.  As you may have noticed on the first Sunday of every month in our bulletin, we thank the donors of our Altar Gifts. You can donate the Bread & Wine, Altar Flowers or the Sanctuary Lamp in a two week block for $50 in someone’s memory.  We have blocks open for this year.
We also have to purchase a new Easter candle each year (the tall candle on the altar) at a cost of $300-$400 which can also be donated in someone’s memory.  You do not have to fund the entire amount, anything you wish to donate towards the purchase of our Easter candle is appreciated.  If you wish to honor someone in any of these ways, please call the rectory.


8:30 Deceased Members of the
Witkowski Family by Trudy Witkowski
8:30 James DeMeo by Maryann Eckel
8:30 Andrew Napotina by Velona Napotina
8:30 Michael Policastro by the Family
8:30 Bernadette Rucker by the Prinjinski Family
8:30 Pat Spadavecchia
by Mr. & Mrs. Philip Iacono & Family
5:00 pm William & Matilda Vasak by the Family
8:00 Pat Maffetone by the Family
10:00 Deceased Members of the
Teklits & Jost Families by Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Teklits
12:00 Annv. Cecelia Jashembowski by Linda Sylvestri
8:30 Catherine, Michael & Vincent Traina by Helen & Gregg Traina & Family
8:30 Betty Dalessio by Maryann & Walter Eckel
8:30 Annv. Lillian Warga by the Goodman Family
8:30 David Pelli by Nancy Romano & Family
8:30 Annv. Irene & Joseph Prinjinski by Cheryl Prinjinski
8:30 Raymond Bailey by the Family
5:00 pm James Turk by Mary Turk & Jennifer O’Connor
8:00 Pat Spadavecchia by Josephine Falato
10:00 Elsie & Louis Rossi by Mr. & Mrs. Philip Iacono
12:00 Maria Caporrino by Mr. & Mrs. Frank Porfiri & Family
It is the best way to ensure our parish receives the support needed for our operating expenses and ministries? eGiving through Parish Giving! We are excited to introduce “Enhanced Stewardship through Electronic Funds Transfer” for your weekly offertory. No more envelopes or last-minute check writing! Electronic giving is safe and easy for you and good stewardship for the parish. Please enroll today by visiting www.icchackensack.com. and click on the logo that is on top of the website. Increased enrollment with Parish Giving will help stabilize our parish finances. There are brochures in the pews or visit Parish Giving at www.parishgiving.org

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