6th Sunday in ordinary time. Feb. 16, 2020
People are not property. We cannot exchange them at will or simply use them for our own designs and purposes. What does the word “commitment” mean to you? We can begin to understand its meaning by looking at some synonyms: dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, and bond. Commitment is primarily about relationship, and Jesus is all about relationships. How our lives affect
others, how we treat our brothers and sisters, how we resolve conflict, and how we view the vows of marriage. Jesus’ teachings on obeying the commandments, murder, reconciliation, marriage, divorce, and adultery all stem from the sacredness of commitment. All of this has a God connection. We can easily see one another as interchangeable and dispensable. We treat so much of our lives this way. What works today may not be what I want tomorrow. We search and search for the right thing only to find our hearts still restless in the end. Is real happiness achievable this side of the grave? Sometimes we expect too much out of others and want our relationships to fill a hole that we must figure out how to fill ourselves. Any seasoned married couple will tell you that their love for one another changes as time passes. Even though the understanding of romance changes as life changes, the dedication, devotion, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, and fidelity all remain and even deepen. Some relationships can be hurtful, and God does not want us to live with abuse or pain. Also, how a relationship develops is sometimes out of our control, and we become the victim of someone else’s decision. But we can’t be self-focused in our relationships and see them exclusively as self-fulfilling ends. We are companions on life’s journey with varying depths of relationships being enjoyed by all who are with us along the way. We have the freedom to choose. God asks us to do so wisely, with right judgment and thinking.

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 
After the wooden arch was moved from the back of the church to the grotto of our Blessed Mother in the yard, I realized I had never noticed the saying written above the door leading into the church. It asks the question, “Why am I here?” My first reaction was to want to scrape it off the glass for I felt it was a terrible question to ask and I worried it would give doubts to people as to why they are here. However, I changed my mind about it the more I thought about it. You see I looked back over the years of my life and I have always been a church attendee, including daily mass. I even found and registered at the local parish when I was attending college in New Hampshire. I also always found the nearest parish to wherever I worked so I could attend mass before reporting to the office each morning. So I thought about the question as stated above – why did I attend mass daily? Why was I there? I will get back to the answer in a minute. I believe I am like a lot of other people when I say I cannot start my day without coffee! I tried to give it up for Lent once while I was working in the insurance industry and it was rough both on me and my coworkers who started to leave cups of coffee on my desk whenever I stepped away for a moment. Without coffee in the morning, I struggle to wake up and I am in a rotten mood to say the least. Well I can say the same about mass. Starting my day without the Lord, without receiving His Body and Blood in the Eucharist, leaves me feeling down, it leaves me feeling like I may not make it through the day and face the things I will have to face for the day. Whereas by starting my day with the Lord I know I can handle anything that comes my way for I am not handling it alone. If I had to give up either coffee or mass attendance…coffee stock would go down greatly for I would have had my last cup! My brothers and sisters if you are missing mass on Sundays, Holy Days or even weekdays the question becomes more appropriately – Why aren’t you here
God Bless you and have a wonderful week, Fr. Michael

For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – MATTHEW 5:20
The scribes and Pharisees lived according to the letter of the law and they used this to elevate themselves above the other people. Jesus is clear – it’s the love that you have in your heart that will get you to heaven. Simply following church rules out of obligation, not love, does not put you on the path to heaven. Attending Mass on Sunday and then gossiping about a fellow parishioner in the parking lot is an example of a modern day Pharisee.

Please pray for: Kellie Salata, Kelly Chinchar, Jessica, Carol Mangino, Gloria, Daniel Breslin, Stanley, Helen Traina, Joseph Marrone, Bill Marshall, Anthony, Michael, Joseph, Christine Morrison, Jessica Esopo, David McShera, Theresa McPeak, Walter Eckel, Steve, Pat, Audra, Dan Marshall, Frank Bennick, Larry Purcell, Bernadette, Francis Reilly, James Weiss. Chrissy Martin, Anne Trainor, Don Trainor and Maricel Dino.

The gift of Bread & Wine for the first two weeks of February has been given in memory of Leonard Falato by his family. The second two weeks have been given in memory of Carmela & John Uzzalino by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roman.
The Sanctuary Lamp for the month of February has been given in memory of John Jashembowski by Linda J. Sylvestri.


2020 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal “Shining the Light of Christ”
This year’s Appeal is the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on God’s generosity and to share the blessings we have been given with those around us. This year our parish goal is $13,639. This campaign provides the resources to sustain programs and ministries that are described in the brochures/pledge cards that are in the back of church. Our parish also benefits by receiving 100% of every dollar received above our goal. Please be as generous as possible. Thank you for any help you can provide. If you choose to donate online, please visit www.rcan.org/sharing.

Opportunities for Parish Support
There are several ways you can help support our parish and honor loved ones at the same time.  As you may have noticed on the first Sunday of every month in our bulletin, we thank the donors of our Altar Gifts. You can donate the Bread & Wine, Altar Flowers or the Sanctuary Lamp in a two week block for $50 in someone’s memory.  We have blocks open for this year.
We also have to purchase a new Easter candle each year (the tall candle on the altar) at a cost of $300-$400 which can also be donated in someone’s memory.  You do not have to fund the entire amount, anything you wish to donate towards the purchase of our Easter candle is appreciated.  If you wish to honor someone in any of these ways, please call the rectory.


8:30 For the People of the Parish
5:00 pm Michelena Stefano
by Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Stefano
8:00 Brian, Geraldine & Richard Frew by Bernadette Frew
10:00 Michael Sylvestri by the Family
12:00 Emilia & Lucy Vicenzotti by Joan Vicenzotti
8:30 Elizabeth & John Dalessio by Diane
8:30 Giovanni Romano by Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Stefano
8:30 am Annv. Mary Sepp by Mr. & Mrs. Carl Dettloff
8:30 am For the People of the Parish
8:30 am Annv. Angelina Falato by the Family
8:30 am James Turk by Mary Turk & Jennifer O’Connor
5:00 pm Saverio Romano by Mrs. Nancy Romano
8:00 am Steve Dettloff by Joseph & Patricia Vrindten
10:00 am Mary Vasile by Rosalind Caserta
12:00 pm Annv. John Jashembowski by Linda Sylvestri
8:30 Julian Silvino Abian
Gerry & Myla Gregorio & Myrna Abian
8:30 Adelgunde Marshall by her husband Larry
8:30 Annv. Josephine DeGrosa by the Family
8:30 For the People of the Parish
8:30 Annv. Serafina Padula by Gina DiCristofaro
8:30 Annv. Vincenzo Pilla by the Asala Family
5:00 pm Margaret & Joseph Voorhis by the Vasak & Turk Families
8:00 Annv. Mary & Nicholas Allegretto & Family
by the Petruzzelli Family
10:00 Annv. Florence & Nicholas Perone by the Family
12:00 Lennie Lanez by the Villanueva Family

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